BS50 Bulkhead steerer

The Jefa BS50 type bulkhead steerer incorporates a high efficiency 25 mm ball bearing, which is double sealed and pre-lubricated for a long and maintenance free life. Due to this single bearing arrangement (for compact dimensions) the BS50 steerer should always be used in conjunction with a support bearing. The lip seal at the front is the especially developed Jefa PUR seal, which contains no metal parts for a life long problem free usage. The stainless steel steering shaft has a diameter of 25 mm to guarantee a stiff and strong steering arrangement for wheels up until 1500 mm diameter, above 1500 mm wheel diameter the BS30 should be used. The large internal brake disk provides an efficient and strong braking arrangement. The number of turns achieved with the various sprockets can be found in our sprocket table.
Brake spinner is not included and should be ordered separately.

BS50 Standard version


General measurements standard version


Price overview

Part No.Description
BS50-11BS50 bulkhead steerer with 11 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS50-13BS50 bulkhead steerer with 13 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS50-15BS50 bulkhead steerer with 15 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS50-17BS50 bulkhead steerer with 17 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS-SUPSupport bearing with self-aligning bearing for bulkhead steerer
BS-MFMMounting flange for BS25, BS50 and BS60 incl. 6pcs M6x30mm screws
BS-MFSMounting flange for BS20 and support bearing incl. 4pcs M6x30mm screws

Art. 11168