Today, the company continues to provide professional shipbuilders with a full range of best-in-class mechanical steering parts as well as a full range of modern autopilot drive units with a well-deserved reputation as the most advanced, light running, and power economic autopilot drives in the world. The precision design and engineering required for this is made possible by a fully stocked in-house design department with the latest 2D and 3D CAE/CAD/CAM facilities and a highly professional and dedicated staff with a single-minded dedication to superior quality at optimal cost price, delivery and installation time.

Jefa Steering

Jefa Steering offer boatyards a robust and reliable steering system. From the supply of complete systems to replacement parts, Jefa Steering provide a broad range of solutions to make the helm light and effortless. Our steering range includes the following products.

Drive Units

Jefa Steering design and manufacture direct drives, compact autopilot drives, tiller levers, linear drive units, sprocket drives, and transmission drive units. We pride ourselves on offering some of the most efficient and strongest drives on the market.

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Hydraulic Pedestal

An integrated pedestal design from Jefa Steering that incorporates all the major functions for the modern helmsman in one central steering control centre.

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Wire System

Everything you need for a successful install or refit of the Jefa Steering Wire System.

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Steering Wheels

Stylish steering wheels for all, the Jefa Steering wheels are available in stainless steel, wood rimmed, teak and Carbon rimmed, carbon, aluminium, and GRP.

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Transmission System

For precision steering when a direct link from the rudder to the pedestal via a rack and pinion system is not possible, the best, most direct and strong mechanical steering system is the Jefa Steering transmission steering system.

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Rack & Pinion System

Everything you need to successfully install or refit the Jefa Steering Rack & Pinion System.

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Optional extras from Jefa Steering include cockpit tables, compasses, engine control mechanisms and instrument pods for seamless integration onboard.

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