BS25 Bulkhead steerer

The Jefa BS25 type bulkhead steerer incorporates twin high efficiency 25 mm ball bearings, which are double sealed and pre-lubricated for a long and maintenance free life. The lip seal at the front is the especially developed Jefa PUR seal, which contains no metal parts for a life long problem free usage. The stainless steel steering shaft has a diameter of 25 mm to guarantee a stiff and strong steering arrangement for wheels up until 1300 mm diameter. Above 1300 mm wheel size one should add a support bearing at the aft side of the steering shaft (like the BS30 unit). The maximum wheel size accepted is 1500 mm, above 1500 mm wheel diameter the BS30 should be used. The large internal brake disk provides an efficient and strong braking arrangement. The number of turns achieved with the various sprockets can be found in our sprocket table.
Brake spinner is not included and should be ordered separately.

General measurements standard unit


BS25 extended version

General measurements extended version with support bearing


BS25 integrated steering disengagement unit:

Jefa Steering has developed a disengagement steering unit to be used in all Jefa WP700-WP900 cable steering pedestals (using the BS25 steerer). As most boats nowadays are equipped with twin wheel steering, the helmsman experiences an echo of the inertia of the non-used wheel. When sailing on autopilot, both wheels have to be speeded up and down continuously causing a high power consumption and wear. The ideal solution would be if the wheel could be easily disengaged from the mechanical steering system by the helmsman. The Jefa integral disengagement steering unit offers an unique solution. Disengagement units in the steering wheel hubs do exists, but at very high costs and causing the steering wheel hub to be very bulky so only usable on big stainless steel double spoked wheels. Modern boats use smaller (twin) wheels made of aluminium, carbon or GRP. Disengagement units for these modern wheels don’t exist on this moment.

What makes the Jefa integrated disengagement steering unit unique and an absolute innovation?

  1. Easy and safe to operate by simply rotating the brake knob of the steering system.
  2. The disengagement unit is fully invisible as it is integrated in the steering pedestal.
  3. Excellent styling as no parts, levers or mini wheels are sticking out of the wheel hub area.
  4. Significant safety advantage due to the non-rotating wheel(s) during autopilot cruise.
  5. Superb feel while manual sailing due to the lack of friction and inertia of the wheel not in use.
  6. No more unnecessary energy loss and steering system wear while sailing on autopilot.
  7. The intelligent construction uses tapered self-searching gears for quick engagement.
  8. Retrofittable to all thousands of existing Jefa cable steering pedestals.

Please follow this link to YouTube for an animation of the functioning.

BS25 disengagement version


General measurements BS25 version with disengagement unit


Jefa BS25 bulkhead steerer and accessories

Part No.Description
BS25-11BS25 bulkhead steerer with 11 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS25-13BS25 bulkhead steerer with 13 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS25-15BS25 bulkhead steerer with 15 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS25-17BS25 bulkhead steerer with 17 teeth 5/8" sprocket
BS-SUPSupport bearing with self-aligning bearing for bulkhead steerer
BS-MFMMounting flange for BS25, BS50 and BS60 incl. 6pcs M6x30mm screws
BS-MFSMounting flange for BS20 and support incl. 4pcs M6x30mm screws
WS-DISDisengagement unit integrated in steerer/pedestal

Art. 11148