Cockpit table for 100 series pedestals

Jefa cockpit table for type 100 pedestal

The Jefa teak cockpit table is 300 mm wide and 700 mm long when folded in, and 600 mm wide and 700 mm long when folded out. The table edges are made of solid teak and the core is made of 16 mm plywood with 3 mm teak veneer. The blades are joined with stainless steel hinges for long durability. The cockpit tables are always delivered unvarnished to allow the owner to use their own teak protection system like teak oil, single of twin component varnish. It is not advisable to leave the table unvarnished as it will become dirty after a short use. Please click on the pictures for a larger view.


The table mounting kit for the 100 series pedestals consists of a special plate which is mounted between the pedestal head and the binnacle and allows the table hinges to be mounted in different heights depending on the pedestal height and the cockpit bench height. The mounting kit has a quick mounting and dismounting system: By lifting the table 45 degrees up a special flatted part on the hinge pin allows the table to be lifted out and in easily. The attachment of the U-bend on the pedestal is adjustable to make sure the table can be set horizontal after installation. A hold-down kit is also included. The table mounting kit for an existing table comprises all parts except for the table blades and blade hinges. Please click on the pictures for a larger view.



Jefa cockpit tables and mounting kits

Part No.Description
CT100Cockpit table for type 100 pedestal, incl. mounting kit
CT100FITCockpit table mounting kit for type 100 pedestal

Art. 10998