Wood rimmed steering wheels

Single spoke teak rimmed wheels

The teak rimmed Jefa steering wheels are equipped with stainless steel 316 spokes and hub and cover a range from 700 mm to 1200 mm overall diameter in steps of 100 mm. The teak rim is painted with a 2 component polyurethane paint. The hub is made in one part and constructed on an ingenious way, so no welding of the spokes is visible at the outside. Please click on the picture for a larger view.


Teak rimmed single spoke stainless steel steering wheels fully polished

Part No.Description
WHS0700WTeak rimmed wheel 700 mm
WHS0800WTeak rimmed wheel 800 mm
WHS0900WTeak rimmed wheel 900 mm
WHS1000WTeak rimmed wheel 1000 mm
WHS1100WTeak rimmed wheel 1100 mm


Teak rimmed tandem spoke stainless steel steering wheels fully polished

Part No.Description
WHT0900WTeak rimmed tandem wheel 900 mm
WHT1000WTeak rimmed tandem wheel 1000 mm
WHT1100WTeak rimmed tandem wheel 1100 mm
WHT1200WTeak rimmed tandem wheel 1200 mm
Ø900 mm Jefa teak rimmed wheel on the Moody 45
Detail of the teak rim.

The Jefa steering wheel tapers and hubs

All wheels up to 1500 mm have the 25 mm steering shaft taper, from 1600 mm diameter onwards the wheels have the 30 mm taper. All pedestals have the 25 mm shaft and some bulkhead steerers (BS30) and transmission steering boxes are build with the 30 mm steering shaft. Below you will find a drawing of the tapers and the wheel hubs with the distance – start of taper to wheel centre line – .

Cone adapter for hydraulic pumps

All wheels up to 1500 mm can be fitted with an adapter cone for a hydraulic pump with the “small cone” as in below sketch.


Cone adapter

Part No.Description
WHSADAPAdapter petit cone - 8,28 degr.

Wheel protecting covers

Wheel protection covers are available for wheel from 900 to 1100 mm. They are made from neoprene, water and sun resistant and available in the color black.

Example of a 1000 mm wheel cover. click on the picture for a larger view
Example of a 1000 mm wheel cover. click on the picture for a larger view


Jefa Wheel Covers

Part No.Description
WC0900Wheel cover for Ø900 mm steering wheel
WC1000Wheel cover for Ø1000 mm steering wheel
WC1100Wheel cover for Ø1100 mm steering wheel

Quick release wheel nut for fast wheel removal

The quick release nut is very handy when the steering wheel obstructs the free passage in the cockpit. It replaces the standard wheel nut and can be operated with a standard winch handle. This way the steering wheel can be quickly removed when not needed.


Quick Release Steering Wheel Nuts

Part No.Description
NQS58Quick release wheel nut for standard wheels
NQT58Quick release wheel nut for tandem and carbon wheels*¹

*¹: When the steering shaft is Ø30 mm (large taper) in stead of Ø25 (small taper), the standard quick release nut NQS58 should be used.

Art. 10730