Conduit fittings and conduit cable

The Jefa steering conduit fittings are manufactured from solid brass profile to ensure an absolute strong and versatile bonding to the conduit cable. The inside of the fitting has a large pitch thread so the fitting can be easily screwed on the outside of the conduit cable. The fitting can be firmly mounted to a bulkhead or conduit unit with the 16 mm threaded part and locking nut.

The 16 mm heavy duty conduit is steel armoured and incorporates a teflon low friction liner to ensure a high efficiency and to provide many years of service. The Jefa conduit cable is suitable for 5 mm steering wire which is not included in the price of the conduit.

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Jefa conduit fittings and conduit cable

Part No.Description
CONFITBrass conduit fitting
CONCAB16 mm heavy duty conduit cable, price per metre (excluding inner wire)

Art. 11285