Chain and wire sets

The stainless steel 5/8″ pitch chain used by Jefa Steering is produced according to the American specification ANSI B29.1 (ISO606A) which results in a breaking strength of 1880 Kg. Most other producers of mechanical steering systems use the British standard DIN 8187 (ISO606B) with a breaking strength of 1450 Kg. The chain sets are non magnetic and come with a master link at each end for easy assembly of the cable. The stainless steel 7 x 19 steering cable is pre-swaged to a special terminal. The cable is connected to the quadrant via a closed eyebolt with a thimble eye and three bulldog grips. The parts to connect the cable to the quadrant are standard supplied with the quadrant. Please click on the picture for a larger view.


5/8″ pitch non-magnetic chain sets including 2 master links and 2 stainless steel rollers

Part No.Description
CH5850Chain assembly 5/8", 500 mm long (up until 200 mm radius quadrant)
CH5860Chain assembly 5/8", 600 mm long (up until 300 mm radius quadrant)
CH5880Chain assembly 5/8", 800 mm long (up until 400 mm radius quadrant)
CH58100Chain assembly 5/8", 1000 mm long (up until 500 mm radius quadrant)
CH58005/8" non-magnetic stainless steel chain per meter
CHLNK5/8" stainless steel master link


Stainless steel 7 x 19 steering cable including 2 swages with thimble eye

Part No.DescriptionBreaking strain
W5-300Steering wire 5 mm diameter 3000 mm long1400 Kg
W5-600Steering wire 5 mm diameter 6000 mm long1400 Kg
W6-300Steering wire 6 mm diameter 3000 mm long2040 Kg
W6-600Steering wire 6 mm diameter 6000 mm long2040 Kg
W6-1000Steering wire 6 mm diameter 10 metres long2040 Kg
The connection between the cable and chain via a special terminal
When the cable length is known (production boats) a terminal is used for the ease of the quadrant connection

Art. 11281